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Treatments & Therapies

Conservative therapies that encourage managing Lipoedema through healthy lifestyle choices and that concentrate on finding what will work for you are paramount to our holistic-approach at Lipoedema Online.

Raw Vegetables

Individualised Healthy Eating Plans

When it comes to Lipoedema, we have found that the most effective and sustainable food plan is one that focuses on cutting out refined/processed starches and sugars and avoiding any known inflammatory foods. Plans that tend to have the best results are Keto or a Rare Adipose Diet , known as the RAD plan. We can support clients in finding the right help for them. 


Lymphatic Drainage

Whether it's teaching you Self Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) for at home or helping you find local therapists with recognised qualifications that we know work well for Lipoedema Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), we know mobilising lymphatic flow is a great way to reduce some of the symptoms of Lipoedema. 

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It is incredibly important to the Lipoedema Online message to empower those with a chronic condition such as Lipoedema to self manage through recent evidence-based information and to share that information to help empower others. We want to create a space where we can all learn together and facilitate the best outcomes for the future generations too.  

Yoga Stretches


Given the high proportion of pain and hyper-mobility alongside other joint issues, it's all about finding the right type of exercises for you. Exercises for Lipoedema are targeted towards mobilising the lymphatic system, taking care of your joints and building strength correctly. Exercising such as low-intensity gym workouts, swimming and yoga have been seen to have the best outcomes in Lipoedema.

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Compression Therapy

At Mandurah Oedema Clinic we were able to identify what we have seen to be a very effective way to manage many of the life-altering symptoms of Lipoedema. By wearing high-quality compression leggings and accessing an Intermittent-Pneumatic Compression (IPC) Pump we have seen women go from daily discomfort and swelling to reduced or even pain free and improved energy levels.  

Women on the Beach

Psychological support

Most women report a sense of relief when they finally receive a Lipoedema diagnosis after years of searching for answers but the reality is for many women appearance-related stress and chronic pain can lead to poor self-esteem and in some cases depression. We are here for you, we want to continue to support our clients and help build a community to help others through their Lipoedema.

Surgical Treatment for Lipoedema

Although at Lipoedema Online we are firm advocates of conservative treatments and therapies, we understand that Lipoedema reduction surgery (e.g. water-assisted liposuction) is currently the only available technique that completely removes the Lipoedema tissue. 

If you decide to pursue surgery we want to make sure you are at your best working up towards the operation and then support you through the recovery process to achieve the best outcome. We use our experience working with Lipoedema patients pre and post operatively and some of the leading surgeons in Australia to find the right solutions for you.


Book a consultation online or enquire below to find the right treatment plan for you. 

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