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The Lipoedema Online backstory

Our own journey with Lipoedema consolidated with Mandurah Oedema Services (now Lymphoedema Online) in Western Australia. It was here that the lack of accessibility to comprehensive Lipoedema assessments aiding medical diagnosis and the need for a safe online space to provide information from experienced clinicians became evident. Consequently, we were able to create the foundations for our comprehensive and medically-recognised Lipoedema assessments and treatment plans online that we have seen to have a positive impact on many women. Our hope is that this new connected service will give ladies with Lipoedema access to expert support at affordable rates wherever they are.


Lipoedema Online team is comprised of mother and daughter, Lois Friedlander and Zoe Small.


Since 1996, Lois has worked as a Lymphoedema and Remedial Massage practitioner running two successful clinics, one in the UK for 25 years and more recently the Mandurah Oedema Clinic. Her experience and interests in the promotion of wellness and empowering clients to manage their own conditions are paramount to the Lipoedema-Online concept.


Zoe is a registered nurse with a background in acute/emergency medicine but since starting her Dr Vodder Training in 2021, she has become fascinated by Lipoedema treatment. Zoe's main sparks of interest include the many, many gaps in Lipoedema research to find a prevention of further development of Lipoedema and potentially its onset. 


We work closely with a broader team of trusted medical health professionals specialising in functional & metabolic health, psychology, naturopathy and nutrition to provide more holistic interventions within a supportive community. 


If you are a health care professional with an interest in Lipoedema we would be very happy to hear from you. We are looking to grow the Lipoedema Online team throughout Australia and beyond. 

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